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Level Four - Wilderness Pursuit Tracking Dog
1. This Tracking Assessment will require a track-layer to single lay a
continuous track and then hide or leave items of clothing to be found
by the tracking dog team.
2. The track-layer should indicate the start of their track with a
pole. Another pole (or other type of marker) may be used to
indicate the direction that the track-layer walked towards the start
3. The track-layer then has 20 minutes to walk steadily across the
terrain in any direction of their choosing. Two articles of clothing
eg; glove, sock, key-ring, wallet, should be placed, at intervals,
along this track.
4. After twenty minutes of steady walking, the track-layer should
find a suitable place to hide and await location or hide items of
clothing to be located by the tracking dog team.
5. Thirty minutes after the track-layer has set off from the pole, the
handler will take their dog to the start pole. The tracking team will
then follow the laid track until they locate the hidden tracklayer/
6. The route can be discussed between the judge and the tracklayer
prior to being walked. Successful location of the two articles left
along the track will also act as evidence that the dog has followed
the route taken by the track-layer. The dog must indicate the
presence of the articles.
7. The track will be laid in a "Wilderness" type environment. This
may include fields, paths, woodland, small streams etc. This land
may well have been used by other people for recreational purposes
and so it will require the dog to pick out the track-layers track from
tracks left by other people.
8. To ensure the safety of the track-layer, a time-limit of 45minutes
(from the tracking dog team leaving the start pole) will be set for
the tracking dog team to locate a hidden track-layer.
9. To qualify, the two articles left on the track and the hidden tracklayer/
clothing must be located within the given time (45 minutes)
without undue interference / guidance by the handler.
There is no requirement for the dog to adopt any particular
tracking style.
Safety Considerations
1. The track-layer must be adequately prepared for staying hidden
for a period of time. Dependent on the terrain, time of year and
weather conditions, the track-layer should carry water, food, spare
clothing, whistle and mobile phone.
2. For safety reasons the track-layer must not go through any field
containing live-stock.
3. As in all tracking tests, permission for use of land should have
been granted by the landowner.


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