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How do I? 


.....become a member


Complete the form under the Membership section of the site.


.... find out more about this Association? I am a new Member.


Download a copy of the Association's Regulations. You will find these in the "Files" section of the Association's Facebook page or the 'downloads' section of this website (below). The Regulations contain important information about the Tracking Assessments and what is required of you as a Member.


Please pay particular attention to "Equipment. Point 1" and "Handler. Point 3".


This Association does not knowingly allow Membership to anyone who employs harsh training / handling techniques when working with their dog including the use of check, electronic or prong collars.

In applying to become a Member of this Association, there is an assumption that you are supportive of this position and that this extends to the way in which you live with your dog away from the Tracking Assessment environment.



.... find support / advice? I have never Tracked before.


The Association holds a list of more experienced Members who can be called upon to help new Members who have no Tracking experience. Please message Martine Taylor or Catherine Manfield to find out if there is someone in your area that could help in this way.


There is an expectation that after a one-off support session you will endeavour to find a more regular class / course / workshop to continue developing your Tracking skills.



.... find a course / workshop / class?


Please read through earlier posts and look at the "Events" section of the Association's Facebook page. Members who organise training events are encouraged to provide information for Members. Please note: you may have to travel some distance to find your nearest course.



.... let Members know that I am running a Tracking course?


We welcome posts from Members who are running courses. Please note: these posts must be focussed on Tracking. More general posts / adverts eg; lost dogs, pet supplies, general training classes are not permitted. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of your post, please message one of the Administration team to check.


Where possible, if Members recommend / suggest a trainer we would prefer that it is someone who is already a Member of this Association; someone who is already familiar with the Assessment structure and our position on training and handling methods.


In keeping with our earlier stated position on training methods, we do not knowingly allow posts from trainers who employ methods that we do not support.


We reserve the right to remove any posts that we believe are not focussed on Tracking or are promoting trainers who are using methods or equipment that are not supported by this Association.



.... find an Assessor? I want to take a Tracking Assessment.


Please message Catherine Manfield. Catherine holds the most up-to-date list of approved Assessors and Track-Layers. Please note: You are encouraged to organise your own Tracking Assessment. You do not need to be part of a group to take an Assessment.



.... become an Assessor? I think I have the appropriate skills / expertise.


You will need to complete an application form. This can be found in the "files" section of the Association's FB page or send an email to request a form by email.



.... get my rosette and certificate? I have just passed my Tracking Assessment.


Please message Martine Taylor. Martine will tell you where to send your Assessment form and the current cost of this service. Please note: You will also need to return your Assessment form even if you haven't been successful. This is for monitoring purposes and is essential if we are to continue developing this Association and its Assessments.


Assessment forms, with the appropriate fee, must be returned in order for your "Pass" to be entered on the database and for you to be able to progress to further Assessments.



.... ask more questions? I don't want to put a post on the wall.


Feel free to message any of the Administration team: Catherine Manfield or Martine Taylor.


Alternatively you can email the Administration team on


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