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Brief Introduction to Founding Members of the Association


In alphabetical order, the founder members of The UK Tracking Dog Association are;


Catherine Manfield

Lesley McAllister

Gemma Mogridge

Alison Rowbotham

Martine Taylor

Jane Watts


Our Tracking experience ranges from just starting out to the highly experienced. This gives us an appreciation of the potential needs of different people. In addition, as a group, we have a wide range of dog related experience including Veterinary Nurse qualifications, PG Dip CABC, Honorary Lifetime Membership APBC, Membership of the APDT, Associate of Turid Rugaas, Pet Dog training, Clicker training, Working Trials (Training, Competing, Judging), Re-hab and Rescue work. More importantly, for the purposes of this Association, we simply wish to provide a means by which like-minded Tracking enthusiasts (new and old!) can get together, share their expertise, train and test out their skills in a supportive environment whilst gaining some recognition for doing so ....



Les Allen

Catherine Manfield

Martine Taylor

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